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The Pink Samurai: Daily Drawing: 323 | The Baddest Kitten Around

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Daily Drawing: 323 | The Baddest Kitten Around

[This is part of my 365 project where I draw my outfits every day!  Check out my first post of the year for details]
Let me introduce you to Turks.  He's the baddest kitten around.  He loves punching artwork on the walls to get attention, gives me sad puppy eyes for cheese, and is a snug master.  Seriously, he gets so pumped for bed time.  As soon as Andy and I lay down, he launches up on the bed and finds a nice spot (usually on my face) to cuddle up and purr like a motorboat until we all fall asleep.  It's kind of devastating, actually.

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