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The Pink Samurai: September in Review

The Pink Samurai

Monday, September 30, 2013

September in Review

Thrifty Thursdays
September was all about exploring the vintage shops on South 1st St. in Austin.  Flashback, Amelia's Retro-Vogue & Relics, Ragalicious and New BROhemia all had wonderfully different things to offer! 

I shared a couple of DIYs that were really fun to work on.  How to dip dye and sew two kinds of circle scarves.  And how to make custom shelving!  There's also a pic of Sprinkles and some amazingly nerdy collections in those posts, too ^_^

Exploring Austin
Andy and I peaking through all the vintage and handmade that Austin had to offer.  We visited the Austin Flea and met some awesome people (and I got TARDIS blue nail polish!).  We checked out the City-wide Garage Sale, to see what that was all about.  Turns it's awesome!  And we popped around North Loop and South 1st for a weekend of vintage sidewalk sales.

Vintage Ts
This t-shirt was calling my name when I found it at New BROhemia.  It says B & A Co.  I have no idea where it was originally from, but I can't pass up a good initial ^_^ Andy and I do make a pretty great team.

Favorite Daily Drawings
Andy got me a pair of Tumbleweeds cat-eye glasses and I've been wearing them everyday since the 9th.  Big hair and cat dresses are a way of life...clearly.  And this last one was actually from yesterday.  My new vintage dress from Ragalicious is a new favorite!

A/W Scarf Line!
My biggest and most fun announcement of the month, was debuting my new line of cowls!  Eep!  Neons and two-tones abound!  Apologies for the cheesy alliteration below...
Perfect Pinks!
Pretty Purples!
Terrific Teals!

 It's been another fun and full month in Austin!  I know October will just as crazy ^_^  Wishing you the best in this new Fall season!!!



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