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The Pink Samurai: Fun Stuff • DIYs + The Ultimate Cat Dress + A Trip Down Route 66

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Fun Stuff • DIYs + The Ultimate Cat Dress + A Trip Down Route 66

This week, I was stuck in bed every day with an ugly cold.  But that gave me plenty of time to scour the internet and spend all day on pinterest :P

Please...reap the benefits of my excessive internet searching this week!
  • So you know how I have an almost unhealthy obsession with Peter Pan collars?  NOW I CAN PUT THEM ON EVERYTHING!
  • Twinkie Chan is one of my crafty heroes and I'm loving the videos she's started doing.  This one features the new free pattern she just released with Michaels and Lily Sugar 'n Cream.  PS: I'm totally on Team Learn to Read Patterns with her.  It's hard, but amazing worth it!
  • Speaking of crafty heroes, Jennifer Perkins just launched a new blog and design and I'm in love with her Cake Stand Terrarium.  I have so many super cute toys that would look even cuter on a cake stand!
  • Lidy added liquid gold leaf to these egg cups and turned them into succulent planters.  I think it's brilliant and beautiful!

  • Elsie wrote an interesting piece on blogging being a young industry.  She's been a leader in the space for so long, that I think she has some really great insights on where things are going for the blogging world.
  • So, this is more of a "listen" but I really enjoyed Design*Sponge's After the Jump about The Value of Hard Work.  It was nice hearing perspectives of different generations on work ethic.
  • Janey went on a trip down the original Route 66 and took some amazing photos!
  • My friend Miranda has music blog called The Good Groupie and I love the bands she featured this week.  Especially The Crookes and The Strypes!
  • Kate shared her kitchen this week and I'm dyyying!
  • These bowls, made from semi-precious stones are absolutely gorgeous.  We really need to start incorporating geologic pieces in our home.
  • Ice cream planter?  Yes, please!  How cute would some floofy Hydrangeas look in it?
  • I've just found out about water cube glass and I want it everywhere.

Check out more Fun Stuff articles here!  But only if you really like making stuff, geeky things and lots of cats.



At 11:57 PM , Anonymous Jennifer Perkins said...

You are the sweetest. Thanks so much for the mention!

At 11:37 AM , Blogger The Good Groupie said...

So glad you found some new bands to love, Becky! :)

At 12:42 PM , Blogger Amy said...

Lovelovelove all the cat things. ^_^


At 1:33 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is so much I adore in this post! The cake terrariums! The cat dress! Which a friend of mine bought awhile ago actually! And that microwave in that kitchen!

Also thank you so much for the link! I'm so happy you liked the post!



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