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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday • Uptown Modern

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thrifty Thursday • Uptown Modern

Uptown Modern
address : 5111 Burnet Rd., Austin, Texas 78756
hours :  Monday - Saturday: 11pm - 6pm | Sunday: 12pm - 5pm

I love Mid-Century Modern.  Like...a lot.  And Uptown Modern is just dripping with gorgeous MCM pieces.  Most of the time when I visit a new shop, I never really know what to expect.  That was definitely the case when I stopped by this shop.  I hadn't seen much about it, but I'd added it to my list of stops a while ago and it was time to cross it of the list.  Holy crap I'm glad I went!  Seriously...it's huge and filled with everything that needs to go in my dream house immediately.  

I mean, really?  THAT'S what you see when you walk in.  I'll take one of each, please.

As I wandered around the curated displays with my jaw on the ground, I noticed all the little details that really set this shop apart.  There are small vignettes throughout the store that look like you could just buy the whole shelf, including what's on it, and put in your home.

I bet you didn't know you neeeeeeded a textured, orange sofa set until right now.  Turns out, you do!

Similar to Remixologie, the pieces in Uptown Modern are immaculate.  It's like the shop was just transported from the 60s into this space.  Because of that, the prices are little higher for the furniture, but the quality is hard to beat.

I must go back for those brass turkeys on the bottom shelf.  They're essential for next year's Thankgiving!  I mean, how often do you find stylish, vintage Thanksgiving decor?

And I end with a photo of the most fabulous chair to ever exist.  Crushed pea green!!!  Excuse me while I die a little bit inside.

Uptown Modern is another great spot to check out if you're in the market for mid-century furniture.  I couldn't get any good shots of the jewelry cabinet, but the collection they had was the best I've seen yet.  Seriously gorgeous and unique pieces, like vintage lockets, turquoise and stunning stones were just begging to be in my jewelry box.  I picked up a fun lucite bangle with gold flecks in it!  I'm absolutely adding this shop to my regular (every-growing) list. 

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