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The Pink Samurai: Thrifty Thursday • Treasure City Thrift

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thrifty Thursday • Treasure City Thrift

Treasure City Thrift
address : 2142 E. 7th St., Austin, TX 78702
hours :  Mon - Fri: 11am - 7pm | Sat: 11am - 6pm | Sun: 12pm-6pm

Treasure City Thrift had been on my radar since we moved to town.  It's a bright pink building and their website made them look like they loved a good time, so of course I was drawn to it.  When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by happy faces and piles of stuff.  This is a true thrift shop that boasts the lowest prices in the city and even participates in the Really Really Free Market once a month to give away merchandise that hasn't sold.  Treasure City promotes a great sense of community and strive to be a zero-waste shop.  

They've got a little bit of everything, so take a look at what was there when I popped in!
When you walk in, all the clothing and accessories will be to your right and home decor, housewares and electronics are to the left.  I always like to dive into the tchotchkes first, so I headed left.

Heck yes for thrifted craft supplies!  You never know what you'll find and I always get way too excited to dig through.  I mean, there's a bucket labeled, "crafty doo-dads" for .50 each.  So good.

The clothing seemed to be hit-or-miss, but I came in when the staff was organizing and taking in a lot of new inventory, so that could be why things looked a little sparse.  All the clothes were arranged by kind and most of the shirts were arranged by color, too.

I was thisclose to buying this ridiculous mug!  I love a tacky and out-of-context mug.  It's a real weakness.  Who else do you know who has a mug with a picture of a water buffalo on it that says, "Water Buffalo" underneath?  

$1 records are always a good bet.  I'm so sad that there seems to be less and less records in thrift stores lately.  Lucky for us in Austin, there are a few used record stores around.

I really enjoyed Treasure City Thrift.  The stock was all over the place, so it's a good place to swing by if you're in the mood to dig for treasures and pay close to nothing for them.

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At 7:28 PM , Anonymous Rachel | 52 Weeks Project said...

I might just need to make a trip to Texas soon!


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