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The Pink Samurai: DIY • Valentines Day Advent Chain

The Pink Samurai

Monday, January 20, 2014

DIY • Valentines Day Advent Chain

I love Valentines Day.  It's a day full of love, pink, hearts and glitter!  So it's pretty much myself in holiday form.

This is a super easy, super quick DIY for you to celebrate the Valentines Day season.  Using the supplies and directions from the Memory Chain we made over Christmas, you can customize your own chain for any celebration.
For this Valentines Day Advent Chain, I cut 7 white strips and 8 red strips.  On the first red strip, I wrote, "I love...".  For all the other strips, I wrote one thing I love about my husband.  Each day from February 1 - 14, we'll take one chain off and celebrate that little thing we love about each other.

Some of mine include: Pizza dates, our collections, our travels, our quiet nights at home and making our home.  I'm really excited to celebrate another loving year with my man!

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