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The Pink Samurai: Star Trek Inspiration

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Star Trek Inspiration

Andy and I have challenged each other to watch every Star Trek episode ever. We both grew up watching (TNG is my favorite!) and we're making our way through the second season of the original series. I love the 60's in general and especially their vision of the future. Uhura is one of my favorites...I love how classy and beautiful she is on duty! I've been wanting to paint my nails like hers for a while, and I'm totally doing it today. Look how great!

photo: blingcheese.com

So I'm armed with some Sally Hansen's Clearly Quick and Celeb City and the Ikea catalog that just arrived! I'm silly excited for this. It's the little things ^_^


I'll totally post the results later!


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