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The Pink Samurai: Lazy Saturday Morning

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lazy Saturday Morning



Still in our pjs, we've just been hanging out in the studio listening to pandora with the kittens just strewn about. Sprinkles is laying on my giant stack of buttons that have been printed and need to be pressed for next weekend. Turks has just been curled up on my feet (after he had unsuccessfully tried to share my cereal with me).

Today we're going to have a McDecadence date at the most decadent McDonalds in the DC Metro area, check out Captain America (we saw Harry Potter last weekend and I wish I had taken a pic of my Gryffendor eye makeup haha! I loved the movie btw...even though I'm a snob about some parts ^_^ ) and then come home and work on Otakon and wedding stuff. I suppose I should go shower now...




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