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The Pink Samurai: Passages - An Interactive Installation

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Passages - An Interactive Installation

Last weekend Dick installed a show at the Salisbury University Electronic Gallery. The artists drove a ridiculously long way to set up the show, and we all went out to eat and hung out the night before installation. They are amazing people that I'm glad to have met and so happy they wanted to be a part of our gallery. I've written about the gallery before, but to reiterate, "[Its] mission is to serve as an educational environment for students and professors in all areas of the University. The Electronic Gallery will host screenings, lectures, discussions, interviews, visiting artists, exhibitions of interactive and computer-generated media, in addition to performance, installation, and multimedia collaborations. We welcome your input as we begin our investigations into contemporary art and culture." They have hosted artist like Hasan Elahi, seen here on the Stephen Colbert Show
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Hasan Elahi
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The show that just opened is called Passages. "We carry with us places that have meaning. We construct meaning through memory, place, and time, creating personal metaphors and imaginary worlds. While the places we carry with us may be real and solid, as time passes they change, and our image of them becomes an intimate, illusory space. We can no longer visit these places except in our memory."

One of the other artists, Robmat Butler, actually has his own Etsy shop. He makes snowglobes and I got to see this one, called "Garden" up close and personal. It's part of series called "Parables".

I love them. You should buy one. Barron Hall is another one of the artist in the show. Both guys are great friends and artists. Check out Barron's site, click on Art Team and listen to their theme song ^_^ I enjoy they're company. Stacey Stormes and Emily Wally rounded out the group and their pieces are amazing. I'll take some pictures of the space this week. They are coming back for a closing reception and lecture, so more pictures to come then! I can't wait to see them all again.

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At 6:03 PM , Blogger Alicia Istanbul said...

Sounds awesome. I love those snow globes.


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