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The Pink Samurai: Thifty Thursday: Avenue Antiques & Ideal Theatre

The Pink Samurai

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thifty Thursday: Avenue Antiques & Ideal Theatre

Ideal Theatre / Avenue Antiques
Ideal Theatre facebook / Avenue Antiques facebook
address : 901 & 905 West 36th Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
hours :  Monday - Saturday: 10am - 7pm | Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Continuing our tour of Hampden in Balitmore, today brings us further down the street to, from what I saw is, the largest antique shop in the area.  It's one of those wonderful, typical antique malls with lots of vendor booths packed with a huge variety of stuff and things.  You could get lost in here for hours!  There's the main floor, a basement full of clothes and an attic filled with mid-century and etcetera.  The day we went, there was a sidewalk sale going on.  I'm not sure if that was a special thing, but it was fun poking through things.
When you first walk in, you'll be surrounded by glass cases that are stuffed to the gills.  You'll also be pretty overwhelmed by how big the space is.  The photo above was taken after walking about halfway into the building.
There's a great upstairs space that has a lot more mid-century furniture and decor.  Lots of specialized booths with ephemera, themed inventory, right alongside booths just packed with everything you could imagine!
I need everything in this photo immediately.
Downstairs is a treasure trove of incredible clothes! Seriously.  I died a little.
Can you picture my eyeballs turning into hearts and bulging out of my head when I saw this display?  Because that's exactly what happened!  There's a pink Sunbeam mixer right under a pink tutu!

This place is just too much fun.  The Hampden area just too much fun and this shop is just on an already big list of 'must sees' on that main drag.  I'm already itching to go back!

***If you've got any shops you love, or own, that you'd like me to feature, just shoot a note over to becky@thepinksamurai with the name, website/facebook, address, hours a few things that make it awesome, I'd love to take a look!!!***

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