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The Pink Samurai: Help me Little Red Inhaler. You're my only hope.

The Pink Samurai

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Help me Little Red Inhaler. You're my only hope.

So I have crazy allergies and asthma and was off my miracle drug, Advair, for a while and replaced it with Primatine Mist since it was over the counter. It was the worst. But I went to my allergist a couple of days ago and got a real inhaler who is my very best friend ^_^

Getting poked and prodded next Monday for allergy testing...which will be an adventure for sure. And stopping my Zyrtec for 3 days before the testing is probably going to make me a grumpy bear, but we'll see.

I'm just excited that I can breathe like a normal person for a while. OH! And I can smell! I haven't been able to full on smell in over a year, and before that, it had been years I'd been without the ability. It's bitter sweet, because now I can smell stinky things, but still. It's pretty awesome ^_^


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