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The Pink Samurai: What's in my Bag: Real People Edition

The Pink Samurai

Friday, August 30, 2013

What's in my Bag: Real People Edition

 Everyone's seen blog posts about "what's in my bag".  They're nothing new, though I always love seeing them.  Except, most of them are bs.  I'm guilty of it, too. Carefully omitting the embarrassing stuff that you find in the deep in the bowels of your handbag, and only showing that cute lipstick and moleskin.  But this is not that kind of post.  I didn't sugar coat anything.  These were the exact contents of Kitty when I took the photo.  I'd just come back from the gym (there's one in our apartment complex), so my phone and keys weren't there.  But this is everything.  I'm showing you my soul...bandaid wrappers and all...

  1. Vintage Around Town Guide 2013.  This had been crumpled in my purse since our first weekend in town.  I've had to scribble a lot of my own notes for other shops and details about them, though.  So this little piece of paper is invaluable to me!
  2. Cards from TxSC, Blogcademy and from thrift shops I've visited.
  3. All the makeup! Neutrogena lip balm, Sugar (I need this with me at all times), They're Real mascara, hand sanitizer from this weird ER we went to once, Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Lollipop, Essie nail polish in Mint Candy Apple, my inhaler cuz asthma sucks, the nail file I told you about here, my Hello Kitty compact from Sephora, hair ties/bobbi pins, empty prescription bottle and my favorite sunglasses.
  4. My Square!  All makers should have one with them at all times.  I'll sell you the scarf off my neck!
  5. Pens and pencils.  The pink pencil is from our wedding and I always keep a sharpie with me.  You never know when you'll need it.
  6. My business cards.  I always have these with me, too.  It helps when I'm visiting thrift shops to give the folks a way to contact me and it kind of legitimizes what I'm doing haha.  I'm not just some creep in their shop :P  Oh...and my Hello Kitty tin with Tylenol.
  7. A sticker from Room Service that I picked up when I visited a few weeks ago.
  8. A pile of gum wrappers, lozenge wrappers and...band aid wrappers.  Gross!  I always keep band aids with me incase my shoes decide to eat my feet.  But sometimes there's not a trashcan and I Don't Mess with Texas.
  9. Receipts!  Some of them I need for accounting purposes...but most are just trash.
  10. My Hello Kitty coin purse...that's empty.  But I found two pennies at the bottom of my bag, so now they have a home.  I got it from the Sanrio store at Lakeline Mall.  I lost my mind when we found out it was there!  The employees might know me be name...
  11. A drawing for plans we've got to build a shelving unit.  So excited to get started on this!
  12. My Hello Kitty wallet from Sanrio.
That's it!  All forreals...nothing faked or added or taken away.  Not gonna lie, I'm little embarrassed at the amount of trash in there haha!  But it is what it is.  I cleaned it out after this shot anyway.  No more wrappers or receipts.  The rest went right back in, though.  Is there anything in your bag that's embarrassing?  

///A few of the product links are amazon affiliates.  I also recommend checking Sephora for any of the beauty products listed.  And you can pick up a couple of them at your local drugstore, or Target, too.  Let me know if you have any questions!



At 7:41 AM , Blogger Sekar Saraswati said...

I carry band aid all the time too. Just in case....



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