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The Pink Samurai: DIY Holla-Daze!

The Pink Samurai

Friday, December 09, 2011

DIY Holla-Daze!


So I've been in full-on Christmas crafting mode since the last dishes from Thanksgiving were put away. The holidays were a really big deal for me growing up and my family, my mom especially, made sure to take the time to keep up traditions and let everyone be involved, no matter how young. We would get out old decorations and make new ones. And now that Pinterest exists, I have access to pretty much every Christmas crafting idea ever in the history of ever. Not to mention, I have a holiday itch all year round, so I collect fun ideas all year. Also, my friend Lindsay likes to call the holidays, Holla-Daze! and it makes me giggle ^_^

Here are some that I've done recently. The tutorial photo is on the left, and my version (forgive me for taking all these with my iPhone) is to the right...

Twisted Felt Garland via The Purl Bee

I hope you like them! If you try them out, too I'd love to see!




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