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The Pink Samurai: Game Night

The Pink Samurai

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Game Night

We love board games. Scrabble, Life, Cranium, and especially Trivial Pursuit. We have so much random knowledge floating around in our heads haha. We found this new version of Trivial Pursuit on our last outing to Toy R Us and decided to pick it up. It has the interesting new way of categorizing questions and a betting mechanism where you can bet whether or not your opponent knows the answer >:D Here's some pics from our first game.

The new board. Any space gives you the opportunity to get a wedgie (that's what we called them in my home growing up lol).

Each card has themed questions...even though the questions are still pretty varied.

You start out with some chips and gain/loose them while betting on your opponent. If you have enough, then you can buy a wedgie. You can also buy the ability to choose the card and type of question you're asked for your final question.

I didn't do too hot in the beginning...

Oooh! Don't call it a comeback!

Winner winner chicken dinner!

It was a really fun game and Andy definitely won the next round. I was skeptical with this new format, and I'll always love the original, but this version was pretty fun! Definitely great for a party or weekly game night with your friends.




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