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The Pink Samurai: "...and on this invention, they show shows, right?"

The Pink Samurai

Saturday, April 04, 2009

"...and on this invention, they show shows, right?"

Last night was the opening for a show at Salisbury University's Electronic Gallery called "...and on this invention, they show shows, right?"  It was curated by Preston Poe and Kristin Anchor.  Preston is the head of the New Media Department at the school and Kristin Anchor is the Director of Creative Alliance Movie Makers.

From the Electronic Gallery website, "The title of this exhibition is a quote by Samuel L. Jackson’s Pulp Fiction character referring to the invention of television. This exhibition of Baltimore Media Artists collects experimental explorations in artist-made media, rarely, if ever, represented on national television. Compiled on four separate screens (or channels: Performance, Animation, Narrative, and Non-Narrative), “ Invention” imagines specialty TV stations of the future, were artists given greater access to a landscape currently propelled by commercials and sitcoms."

The gallery was set up with four projectors and showed three 'channels' - Experimental, Performance and Animation.  The other was a full length movie.  (Dick one of the interns for the gallery and helped to set it up and get everything ready!)  The selection was great, as was the turnout.  Kristin did a talk right before the official opening and talked about her own work and Creative Alliance.  It was so great!  We all went out after for dinner and got to meet one of the other artists who was in the show, Nick Prevas of Magnificent Lore.  It was a great time.  The show is up for the next 2 weeks, so if anyone is in the area or you just want to stop by on the way to Ocean City, please some by!  Now all I want to do is go to Baltimore.  Oh well, all in good time.


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