Monday, December 05, 2011

DIY Stamp

Here's a really quick DIY that we did for our invitations. Making your own stamps is super fun and as long as you have the tools you're armed and ready for any occasion. Above is the during and below is the after ^_^ Along with another fun stamp just cuz I felt like it.

Sharpie » Everywhere

Super easy...just draw what you want to cut in Sharpie and carve around your lines. This is a negative process, meaning that you cut away what you don't want there. I wanted the lines to show up, so I cut everywhere but the lines. You can get the opposite effect, a black rose with white lines, if you cut the lines out. When you're cutting around your design, be sure to cut deep enough that no chatter shows up. Chatter is just extra stuff that picks up the ink. If a lot of extra is showing up, just cut back into your block and try again. So easy.

You can also glue a piece of wood to the back to have a better hand hold and make it look a little more legit. This also helps you get even pressure when you stamp. But mine are still all nekkid. Super fun and super easy!


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  1. Thanks for this tutorial. What lovely stamps!


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